Overstepping Poverty is a dynamic podcast and apparel company founded by Daquan Brooks and Zachaeus Shaw, two individuals who are deeply committed to overcoming adversity and achieving success. With their unique stories and perspectives, Daquan and Zachaeus aim to inspire and empower their audience to break free from the cycle of poverty and take control of their lives.

Daquan and Zachaeus understand firsthand the challenges and obstacles that poverty presents, as they have both experienced its effects throughout their lives. However, instead of allowing these hardships to define them, they have chosen to rise above their circumstances and share their journeys with others.

In their podcast, Daquan and Zachaeus introduce themselves and provide insights into their personal motivations for starting Overstepping Poverty. They believe that by sharing their own experiences, they can offer relatable and authentic stories that resonate with listeners. Through vulnerability and open dialogue, they demonstrate that embracing our struggles and weaknesses can lead to immense personal growth and transformation.

Overstepping Poverty also emphasizes the importance of letting go of negative past experiences. Daquan and Zachaeus firmly believe that where we come from does not determine our future. They encourage their audience to discard limiting beliefs and embrace the idea that there are countless paths to escape poverty.

Through their podcast, Daquan and Zachaeus explore various strategies and opportunities to overcome poverty, showcasing the multitude of possibilities available. They delve into topics such as entrepreneurship, education, financial literacy, personal development, and more. By sharing practical advice, success stories, and expert interviews, they provide valuable resources and insights to their listeners.

In addition to their podcast, Overstepping Poverty is also an apparel company that aims to spread the message of hope, resilience, and empowerment. Their clothing line features stylish and meaningful designs that inspire individuals to push beyond their limitations and reach for greatness.

Join Daquan and Zachaeus on their journey of overstepping poverty and discovering the power within. Through their podcast and apparel, they strive to create a community of like-minded individuals who are determined to transform their lives and uplift others. Together, they believe that we can break the cycle of poverty and create a brighter future for all.

Daquan Brooks

Zachaeus Shaw